We help organizations to

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  • Run the most effective programs possible
  • Measure their social impact
  • Improve their financial sustainability
  • Operate as efficiently as possible, so that donation revenue goes further
  • Be more data-driven in their decision-making
  • Expand to new geographical areas
  • Improve their human resource management and volunteer recruitment
  • Improve their branding and marketing
  • Work out organizational priorities
  • Increase the number of people they are able to help
  • Develop a workable business plan


Past Projects

180 Degrees Consulting is able to offer you extremely high quality consulting services without the usual price-tag because of the innovative model we use. We select and train-up the most talented, most creative, and most committed university students around the world. These university students are involved not to make money but to make a difference through helping socially focussed organizations to overcome challenges they’re facing.

We ensure consulting quality in the following ways:


1. Very Selective Recruitment of Consultants

Typically less than 35% of all applicants are selected as 180 Degrees Consultants. In order to be selected as a 180 Degrees Consultant, applicants need to (a) have a very strong academic record, (b) prove relevant experience and/or ability, and (c) go through one or more interviews to ensure that their motivations and values are consistent with those of 180 Degrees Consulting. This rigorous selection process ensures that the quality of 180 Degrees Consultants is comparable to the quality of students recruited by established for-profit consultancies.

2. High Quality Training and Mentoring

Our consultants receive both general and project-specific training from world leading top-tier consulting companies. Many of our 180 Degrees Consultants also received mentoring from full-time consultants with decades of professional experience.

3. Matching the Expertise of Our Consultants with the Needs of Organizations
4. Utilizing the 180 Degrees International Network
5. Having Frequent and Rigorous Checks on Consulting Quality

Each consulting project is led by a Team Leader, who is overseen by a Branch Consulting Director, who is then in turn managed by an International Consulting Director. This three-tier quality control process ensures our work is always of the highest standard.


In 2014 we have been awarded as best 180 DC branch internationally:

Applications for consulting services are assessed based on the following four criteria:


1. Area of Social Impact

We prioritize organizations that focus on improving educational, economic, health, and environmental outcomes because we believe these areas are key to poverty alleviation and long-term sustainability.

2. Potential for Greater Social Impact

We want to work with organizations that have the potential to have a significant social impact in the future.

3. Match Between Consultants and Organization

We try to work with organizations where we can add real value and increase their social impact. As such, we identify the expertise and abilities of our consultants, and try to best match those to the needs of organizations seeking consulting services.

4. Likelihood of Implementation

An organization that is open to implementing recommendations and improving the way they operate will fare better in the application process than an organization that is unwilling or unable to make necessary changes to their organization.