Every student has individual abilities

and the potential to bring change.

Take the opportunity to achieve something meaningful with us.

Be the change you want to see!

Why You Should Get Involved

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 1. Make a Significant Difference 

Waving signs in protest or standing on the side of a road with a bucket collecting money are not the only ways to make a difference. A better way to make a difference is to improve the effectiveness of worthwhile organizations! Improved effectiveness means donations go further and more people can be helped both now and in the future.

 2. Gain Hands-On Work Experience 

Most internships and part-time work is boring, tedious, unrewarding, and not challenging. 180 Degrees is different. We give you the opportunity to get experience that employers value. You will be working on real projects with real clients and will be able to exercise real leadership!

 3. Get Professional Training 

180 Degrees has worked with leading top-tier consulting firms to develop our own tailored consulting methodology and consulting training program. You will receive professional consulting training from 180 Degrees, often in conjunction with representatives from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, or other professional services firms.

 4. Obtain Valuable Life Skills 

You will develop numerous transferable skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, oral and written communication, creative thinking, client management, and cross-cultural communication.

 5. Work Directly with Amazing Non-Profits and Social Enterprises 

You will experience first hand the fantastic work that many organizations are doing.

 6. Experience Being a Consultant 

What better way to learn about consulting and decide if you want to pursue a career in consulting than to experience it first-hand!

 7. Solve Important Challenging Problems 

Few things are more rewarding than working in a team to develop solutions to difficult problems.

 8. Socialize with Like-Minded People 

Because work is more fun when it doesn’t feel like work.

How exactly does this work?

To ensure both professional services and personal development we will provide you with a series of unique workshops throughout the whole project phase. We will start with a kick-off event where you meet your teem followed by a training weekend (June 9/10). Everything we do is pointed at giving our consultants the opportunity to gain new food for thought, take responsibility and grow with new challenges. This is why your engagement not only benefits society and social organizations but also yourself.



Each team will be guided by an experienced mentor, who through both critical feedback and inspiration will enable the team to develop valuable solutions. After ten weeks of intense project work the achieved results will be presented at a closing event where all consultants, mentors and clients will be present. The next project phase, Summer 2018, starts on June 1, 2018 and is expected to be completed by September 14, 2018.

The application deadline for this semester is May 7, 2018 at 11:59 am.